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Product Description

All US steel machined in house at Fi.

The Q Series of subwoofers is our sound quality reference line. Featuring a hefty high strength single magnet motor structure with a heavily bumped t-yoke, the 27mm of Xmax allows for incredibly detailed, tight, and powerful bass. Triple progressive spiders keep the incredible linear excursion of this sub under control, while the extra heavy lead wire feeds the giant voice coil. With technology pulled from the larger BTL line the new Q has more options than ever before. Hyper chamfer, full cooling, high or low Qts topologies, as well as the ability to add an inductance ring in the high Qts design, there is now even more flexibility within the Q platform. Working well in both small ported and sealed enclosures, you do not have to give up your trunk to have strong bottom octave foundation for the rest of your system. The Q series is the new bottom octave benchmark.


Dual 1 and Dual 2 Ohm
Cast basket
Wrap around gasket
Kraft pulp fiber reinforced cone
Single layer wide foam surround
Push terminals
Extra heavy lead wire
FEA optimized motor
3" diameter 4 layer coil
Single high grade magnet
Quad progressive spiders
High or low Qts motors
Optional Heli-cool system
And many other custom options


Fs: 34.2 Hz | 33.9 Hz
Re: 0.7 Ohms/coil | 1.4 Ohms/coil
Qms: 7.63 | 7.69
Qes: .39 | .39
Qts: .37 | .37
Mms: 249g | 253g
Cms: 0.87mm/N | 0.87mm/N
Sd: 481cm^2 | 481cm^2
Vas: 28.3 l | 28.3 l
Spl: 86.5dB 1W/1m | 86.3dB 1W/1m
Bl: 13.9 N/A | 19.65 N/A
Xmax: 28mm
Rms: 1500W
Sealed box: .8-1.5 High QTScuft
Ported box: 1.8-2.5 cuft @ 28-33Hz
Sub OD: 12.500”
Cut ID: 11.125”
Mounting depth: 7.000”
Displacement: 0.16cuft

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Product Reviews

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  1. getting a second 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Mar 2015

    I love the sound quality so much that when I wanted to get louder I wasn't willing to sacrifice the sound quality so I'm getting a second one

  2. Q12s 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Feb 2015

    So far so good! They sound really good and theyer loud as hell.

  3. By far the best I've ever owned 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Feb 2015

    Words can not explain how pleased I am with FI they have Great Quality Products and their customer service is EXCELLENT!!!! All I can say is I am truly amazed at how great it sounds (Youtube does not do these subs any justice cause the mics cant handle the loud music so it distorts it) I do not have it in a box that is built to the specs because I plan on getting a second Q soon. And also people keep asking me how many subs I have or if I have a 15 or 18 and when I tell them its a 12 they don't believe me :)

  4. Seriously, buy it. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Dec 2014

    Look, im an audiophile. I read every review on this website as well. Ive heard everything from kicker comp vr to infinity kappa perfect series subwoofers all the way up to twelve 12" woofers boxed off in a station wagon. But seriously. This sub is accurate. Tight. Loud. Amazing. I have mine set up in a sealed box that is braced and insulated with a 1500 watt amp and it sounds amazing. I build my boxes by hand to spec so it just sounds perfect. You cant get anything better this the sound quality is unfathomed.


    Posted by on 9th Oct 2014

    When my jlW7 surround finally failed I was on the hunt for a quality replacement. I did as much research as one could do. I wanted to keep my money here in the us and wanted to deal with someone who knew what they were talking about. Let me say these are the guys! After recieving the FI Q 12, let me say the sound quality is awsome. I had listed to the jlw7 for 10 years, and after putting the FI Q 12's in the same ported box I was blown away. The differance is really night and day. I am using a rockford 2500 to drive the subs and they have no problem. Let me also say the customer support I recieved from Nick was just as good as the product.Thanks again for a truly awsome product.

  6. Satisfaction is Guaranteed 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Oct 2014

    When I was searching for subs Fi popped up when i was looking for Alternative for JL Audio. At first I was a little doubtful like everyone should be when buying stuff on the internet but after research I ordered a Fi Q 12. The wait was the worse part of the entire process but when you want something that is good quality you have to wait and quality is ALL you are getting with Fi. I love my sub only problem is, its too strong for my 1000w JL Audio amp.

  7. words cant express 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Aug 2014

    I've had them all from low end to high end. I can honestly say these are by far the best sounding subs I have ever owned. I have 2 12s d1 wired to 1ohm on a 3500 bc crescendo in a 2008 f350 extended cab. I was never into ported boxes due to lack of punch however with these I wanted to see the full potential. Words cannot express the sound quality yet loudness these are capable of producing without any distortion. I highly recommend these to anyone serious about sound quality and being the most obnoxious vehicle on the road. Here in boston I call these "wicked Pissa"

  8. One beast of a subwoofer !!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jul 2014

    It took me about 30 days to get my subwoofer. I first put it in a 1.5 cubic foot sealed box running off a 1500 watt Hifonics amplifier. My sub hated that box, it didn't do anything I expected and initially I was extremely disappointed. It didn't get low or hit the high notes. People didn't even hear me coming when I had the music up. I then got a friend of mine to build me a custom ported box. It's about 2.2 cubic feet tuned at 32hz. Now , my subwoofer get down!! It loves the ported box! People hear me coming for far far away now. It gets killer lows and hits high notes HARD. I have the custom added spider so I may upgrade to a 1800 watt Hifonics amplifier to push it a little more. Gotta order the Fi stickers for my car soon. Overall, a bad ass subwoofer!

  9. Fi Q12 FTW!!!!!! Amazing subwoofer, amazing company, amazing service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th May 2014

    Did I get your attention yet? Let me first state that I'm not one to write reviews. I'll follow with I am a perfectionist and am never usually happy with what I have and am always looking for better. I've tried subs that other people demo'd and reviewed as unbelievable and was not at all satisfied like they claimed that they were, so I was a little skeptical about purchasing this sub. But the amount of 5 star reviews were far to numerous to look past, as well as the absence of any negative reviews, ANYWHERE on the net. My Q 12 arrived well packaged and in perfect condition-what a smexy, beasty subwoofer. Only downside is the wait time, about 28 days for me, but not really a downside when doing a quality build setup. By the time the sub arrived, it was basically plug and play. I had it built with the high Qts topology, p chamfer, and I heat ring w/ a carbon fiber cap. I have a Crescendo Symphony 1500.1 pushing it w/ a sealed box a little bit bigger than what Scott or Nick recommended at 1.45 approx. after displacement. This is a perfect amp/sub combo. On decaf musik this box hits stupid low, unbelievable for a sealed box w/ only 1 12" with air pressure like I've never seen in a sealed box. Hit's 32 hz with ease and feels at home (and this is straight out the box, not broken in yet) It's gets so ridiculously low that my Nendo dealer's jaw dropped when we test rode it after tuning it on a dd-1 and o-scope (and he is a die hard aero/flare port only type guy)Now on to some Linkin Park. All I can really say is wTF??? I have it tuned up to 100hz w/ a -12 slope and this sub hits so quick, so hard and is so responsive. The transition between beats is nothing less than perfect. You get all the benefits of a pure SQ setup, w/ the much missed and lost deep hard hits that are sacrificed for studio quality sound. It is the cleanest hitting sub I've ever heard, and yes, it's better than the IDMax and JL w7's IMhO. I've been babying it for the past 2 weeks, and its still stiff as hell. I'll make sure to post some pics/vids when I have my setup how I want it and broken in. I know this review must sound like I was paid to promote it, lmao, but I am just honestly blown away by the quality of this U.S.A made, hand built beauty of a subwoofer. The price is amazing for the quality it is and I am now a lifelong customer. Hats off to the customer service received through the process. Nick and Scott are some good dudes that never let a message or email from me go unanswered, and even through in a free carbon fiber cap.
    Just buy it already, you won't regret it!

  10. fantastic sub for the $ 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th May 2014

    having listened to kicker L7's alpine type x's and jl w7's the sub is superior the them all. unfortunatly mine was stolen within two weeks if receiving it but while i had it, it was great. its marketed as an sq sub but it still gets LOUD. was only running 1300 rms to it and it would still make any pop or energy drink in the cupholder start to fizz everywhere. will be replacing with the 15 with cooling and running 1700 rms once i get a car alarm first ;)

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